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Carioca Artie Shaw Get the Mop Henry "Red" Allen -- both half and full speed versions Minka Spike Jones I don't have Basie yet Andrew Jose discovered a love of vintage swing jazz when he started swing dancing. Andrew is also an active social dancer, competitor and teacher in LA, Orange County and events across the nation. Larry Kang New York has been active in the lindy scene since , when he was a founding partner of Yehoodi.

After a spell in Denver, he's back in New York, where he currently spins Friday nights at Connolly's. He's also is head DJ at the special. Peter Kertzner discovered the Lindy Hop when he was in college, and in almost no time he was consumed by the dance and the music of the 's. With the opportunity to teach the dance at both UCLA and Pepperdine University, Peter's mission was to promote the Lindy Hop to college students who could fall in love with its alternative lifestyle in the way that he had.

After graduating from UCLA himself, he still continues to teach there, while also traveling across the country to compete and make new friends that also share his enthusiasm for the dance. As a DJ, Peter specializes in vintage 's music from big bands to small rhythmic vocal groups, finding their combinations of melodies, rhythms, improvisations, and spiritedness unparalleled for dancers that are striving to phrase their movements, achieve micro-musicality, or--most importantly--have fun with their partners! Peter aims at creating set lists that inspire dancers of all levels to connect to the music and each other.

Some of his favorite artists include:. Morgan Lee Kestner Atlanta is often seen dancing behind the dj table because everyone is dancing! She truly enjoys watching dancers play with the music and has a great sense of what the crowd is wanting. Pulling sounds from different eras, she creates a fun environment with the variety of chug, horns, syncopation, and "I need to swing out now" feeling.

With ingredients in her hands, she stirs up a bowl of goodness that is bottomless throughout the evening. Morgan Dj's regularly in Atlanta, Ga and throughout the Southeast, but will be making way in Los Angeles for several months! Morgan seeks out to make exciting memorable moments for all dancers!

Her style is simple: Nikki plays music that she wants to dance to. Marcus Koch World of Swing. Paolo "Pasta" Lanna began discovering the early social jazz dances while living in California in the early 90's. Paolo has been building his collection of jazz and swing for 25 years.

A solid music provider for the New York Lindy crowd for over 6 years, he began his music consultant relationship at Swing 46 from their very first opening providing them with solid standards and unique collection spanning 60 years. He's just a Italian Paesano at heart. Adam Lee New York started down his swing path in the 2nd grade when he started playing clarinet, and his grandmother bought him his very first record, which happened to be a Benny Goodman record. Growing up as a jazz musician, the addition of Lindy Hop to his life was a natural one.

Adam started dancing in just a few months before the infamous GAP ad, and was dancing five nights a week. In he moved to Beijing, China where he started the Lindy Hop scene and led a 17 piece big band. His passion is for the music of the swing era, specifically that of the Kansas City sound from the 30s. As a DJ he focuses on merging his expertise as a musician and a dancer to bring the best, most swingin' music from the heyday of swing and beyond.

Chris Lee is a Jazz Aficionado that loves music that speaks to the people! He has traveled the globe and dejayed at dance festivals. In the past 9 years he has been working as a DJ for dance clubs and Jazz festivals.

List of songs recorded by Dolly Parton - Wikipedia

Chris loves to play music for dancers! Jeremy Lewis started his dancing career in the winter of , although he had been a fan of jazz and swing since his teens. He has also guest DJed on Yehoodi radio. He was lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful local DJs at the beginning of his career who turned him on to great song after great song- people like Paul and Sharon, Erik Hamilton, Marc D'Olympio, and Jesse Miner.


Joe Lin Toronto Hailing from the east side of Canada, Joe developed his musical tastes in cities with thriving live jazz and blues scenes and has been an avid lindy hopper and blues dancer for over 10 years. He initially honed his DJ skills keeping dancers up past the rising sun at late-night house parties. He has since had the privilege of DJ'ing at numerous swing and blues venues and events in various Canadian cities. Nathan Malone Austin has been DJing for several years.

In addition, to DJing, he has served as one of the organizers for several Austin Lindy Exchanges and has held a variety of Officer positions for the Austin Swing Syndicate. Bio and list as of Ten recommended albums that he likes and often DJs from not really a true top ten, since he finds it so hard to narrow things down to ten. Melissa Marzigliano Long Beach, CA never thought much about swing dancing until a friend convinced her to attend her first dance event in Then she was hooked! Now an instructor, choreographer, and DJ, she helps to run Breezy Knees in Long Beach and loves to be involved in the local dance scene.

Partner communication, creativity, and laughter on the dance floor are what inspire her the most -- especially when dancing to a great song. She hopes to be able to share some of the joy that dancing has brought her, and to play soulful, swingin' music that'll inspire sillyosity, smiles, and make it so you can't help but wanna dance! Ryan Mascaro is a music and dance dork. Ryan likes to play music for other dance dorks. He also likes to watch the girlies dance.

Anyone got change for a Fitty? Thain Maurer Austin loves all kinds of swing music, and prides himself on playing a wide range of music when he djs. He has been spinning since , and has enjoyed djing at events, competitions, and exchanges all across the country. Nathan McWilliams Los Angeles has been dancing for about 5 years, beginning with his first night out at Lindygroove. He has traveled the country to dance at events large and small while DJing at events along the way.

He likes playing from a diverse catalog of swing music, but particularly, he likes music people can be goofy and playful with. Some Favorite songs Alfredo Melendez has fantastic examples of a variety of different blues styles and artists. Alfredo's non-blues repertory is quite eclectic and enjoy exploring songs that inspire the blues mood and flow. Jeff Meyer , an avid collector of fun and inspiring dance music, has been DJing blues and swing events around the country for the past decade. Sailor Mike Los Angeles Has been a fixture in the So Cal Swing scene since the "Derby days" of the late 90's, and has been deejaying since there were these little round things called CD's.

Co founder, along with his friend Tip West, of the legendary "traveling" swing club Swing Pit. It was at this club that many of the songs your favorite Lindy Groove deejays include on their playlist, were first played. His essential selections, in his words: "Showcase the variety of the music I most enjoy dancing to and DJing as well as listening.

They don't necessarily represent the entire range of my musical interests, but they do highlight a specific area. They each contain several songs which I enjoy dancing to and DJing. Rob Moreland St. Rob is known for playing a wide range of tempos and styles, with music chosen to keep the floor full and the dancers happy. Louis Blues - Dorsey Brothers , bpm St. Louis Blues - Buster Bailey , bpm St. Louis Blues - Kid Ory , bpm St.

Louis Blues - Buddy Bertinat , bpm St. Louis Blues - Earl Hines , bpm St. Louis Blues - Benny Goodman , bpm. Tonya is currently one of the house dj's at the beautiful Century Ballroom; Seattle's premiere swing venue. Also, Tonya was recently invited to dj at the famous Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Daniel Newsome Denver Do not miss this visit! Dan is a very popular nationally recognized DJ that we have been try to bring to LindyGroove for years. Get a taste of the weekly music of the vibrant Denver Lindy scene.

She's well known for mixing up her sets and makin' you want to move those feet!! Look There, Ain't She Pretty? Lani Olsen has danced everything from Hula and Flamenco, but has settled into blues as the place her dancing feet truly belong. As a dancer, she seeks to find music that will inspire other dancers to move. A life-long musician, that same passion for sound is easily reflected in her sets. In that time they have built an extremely successful swing dance program based on their unique and effective style of teaching and have toured the U.

In San Francisco Paul and Sharon regularly teach over two-hundred students per month and run one of the largest weekly dance parties in town called the Special. They have had the good fortune to teach and perform at some of the biggest and most well respected dance camps in the world including Swing Camp Catalina, Swing Out New Hampshire, and Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. Currently, they live happily in Oakland, California with their dogs Boyde and Pete. I used to have a collection of CDs, remember when those were popular?

Jon Perry is one of the Arizona's best swing DJ's, plays an assortment of music ranging from the sweet grooves of the Duke with Ella, to funk with Lionel Hampton, to hip hop fusion of Jurasic 5. He has attended numerous events and exchanges accross the country constantly taking notes of amazing music from some of the best DJ's around. Phoenix dancers used to be able to groove to Jon's music every Thursday at the Bash on Ash, and he can now can be heard monthly at the Tuesday Bash on Ash and at Jitterbugz.

Nike "Vegas Nick" Peterson has been lindyhopping for nearly four years. Top 10 songs you will most likely hear in Vegas: 1. I'm Outta Love - Anastascia 2. Let's Get Together - Duke Ellington 4. Frankie and Johnny - Sam Cooke 7. Scotch and Soda - Lou Rawls 9. Baby, Workout - Jackie Wilson Cry To Me - Solomon Burke.

Abdel B. He began DJing in and has become one of the nation's most popular DJs. His music collection currently spans 9 decades and over hundreds of artists. Abdel's style focuses on being a conduit between the dancers and the music, establishing connections between each of the songs that keep the dancers anticipating each new development in an evening. By maintaining both a variety and a flow of music, Abdel ensures that the dancers remain invigorated and excited, inspiring them to adapt as at the music evolves over the course of an evening. Lincoln Center Jazz Orch. His goal at the Firehouse is to make swing dancing accessible to everyone and inclusive of all swing styles Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, West Coast and Blues.

As one of the regular Firehouse DJs, his musical taste covers practically every jazz-inspired swing genre. If it's a happy, jazzy song that makes you want to jump around and dance, then he'll probably play it. In '01 started running the local dance, teaching and DJing Sunday night each week. In '03 he was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design where he started and ran the local swing scene until graduating ' In June of Roy moved back to where he started dancing in San Francisco.

Roy likes to mix a variety of swinging music styles most of what he plays tends to be groove, swinging blues, Big Band, and pre small jazz combo's. Top Ten Favorite Songs Since then he has DJ'ed at several other events across Southern California including weddings. There are so many more I would like to add. He enjoys playing and dancing to a wide range of music, from classic swing era recordings to modern jazz.

Steve Sayer Los Angeles likes to dj what he likes to dance to, which is a lot. He began dancing in Ohio and all over the midwest in the late 90's and he was influenced by the styles of each city and scene he visited. He get into hot jazz, gypsy jazz, western swing, all kinds of blues, soul, rockabilly, doo wop and so on Gary Sharpe "I started swing dancing in in a small bar in Davis, California. I was tall, lanky, very awkward, and not the least bit talented or trained.

Puss in Boots (2011) - Cat Dance Fight Scene (2/10) - Movieclips

For at least the first year or two, I could only dance a few songs in a row before getting dizzy and nauseous enough that I would have to sit down for several songs to recover. I loved everything about the dance, though, and spent countless hours watching videos, practicing, taking lessons, and travelling to weekend events around the country. Fifteen years later, and I still love to take lessons, to train, to teach, to DJ, and to share everything about the dance with anyone who will listen. I look forward to dancing and being active in this community, one way or the other, for the rest of my life.

Andy K. Shih This guy started his love affair with swing music at an early age. His parents exposed him to many of the greats when he was young. He joined his high school jazz band as a pianist and played many of the songs from the swing era. And when he discovered swing dancing in the late 90s and started dancing seriously in , the progression to DJ was natural. The songs that he most appreciates are the ones that make you want to swing out.

So he prefers vintage songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Having a music and dance background gives him a unique perspective. In the meantime, he is searching for the perfect come around. Doug Silton Los Angeles began swing dancing in and for the past seven years, he has been teaching, competing, and performing internationally. Top Albums in no order 1. Ernestine Anderson, Be Mine tonight 2. Kenny Burrell, Midnight Blue 3. Mose Allison, Greatest Hits 6. Wycliffe Gordon, Slidin Home 7. Paris Combo, Living Room Corner Pocket, Easy Does It Shirley Scott, Legends of Acid Jazz Saturday Night at Ducks Hampton Hawes Trio, Vol.

Matt can't write whole novel-length posts on swing forums about why some music swings and why other music does not swing. Matt doesn't know anything about music theory. All Matt know is what Matt like. Top 10 Songs: 1. He is also a popular late-night lindy DJ at various lindy hop exchanges around the country. Mike currently teaches Lindy. Top 10 Playlist in no particular order 1. Aaron Bell - Kumquat 2. Jo Jones - Jive at Five 3. Count Basie - Splanky 4. Cab Calloway - All his hep-cat tunes 8. Nat King Cole - Too many titles to list 9. Erroll Garner - That's My Kick Ella, Ella, Ella!!!

Kyle enjoys spinning a large variety of music from the 's all the way through the present, and any where from Ambrose and his Orchestra to Jimmy Witherspoon. Tomaschevsky's Laundry - Teddy Powell 2. Rider - Little Ester Phillips 3. We'll Git It - Tommy Dorsey 3. Man From Mars - Artie Shaw 4. Cavernism - Mora's Modern Rhythmists 7. Madhouse - Benny Goodman 9. The Beast - Milt Buckner Vine Street Rumble - Count Basie Little John's Special - Lucky Millinder. Because of his experience as both a dancer and musician, Jonathan is uniquely suited to understand the interaction between Swing music and dance.

As a DJ, Jonathan is admittedly a partisan, focusing on playing music almost entirely from the Swing-Era or modern bands in the style to prove that there is still amazing, floor-filling, un-hackneyed, un-played-out, real Swing music out there, and that there is no better music for Lindy Hop or Balboa. He views every DJ gig as a chance to try to convince dancers of this point the only way he knows how - by keeping the floor jumping all night with the music he loves. He also doesn't like talking about himself in the third person doing so is only fun when speaking in incomplete sentences and using a zombie voice - "Want Anyway, at this point, he really doesn't have much else to say about himself, so thus endeth his bio.

Ryan "Swifty" Swift Rochester began swing dancing in He has since immersed himself in both Lindy Hop and jazz music, establishing himself as a well-regarded dancer and deejay. He continues to express his love for Lindy Hop and its music through regular deejaying and as a member of the group Groove Juice Swing. Also available as a one-disc version. Great liner notes too, if you ever see a Proper Box set, grab it. See Hamp below. I've got both original albums, but for a starter this is a great option.

Incedentally the "Swingsation" series is a nice primer on any artist they covered. You've probably heard all of these recordings a million times but they're still awesome. Barbara Morrison, Live at the Special - You've probably already got this but I've still got to mention it.

I just love that you can tell she's having fun at this performance. Plus it's the first band I danced to live. It's a shame it's all he recorded on his own, and it's only 7 tracks, but they are all out-of-this-world. Buster played with Basie very early on in K. I could listen to "Yacht Club Swing" all day long. Kevin Tamura Seattle has been a fixture in the Seattle lindy hop community as a dancer, performer and DJ since He enjoys spinning a variety of swing tunes from the 30s to contemporary jazz.

Discovering music through dances, podcasts, and slipping down the online music "rabbit hole", big band quickly became the only thing he listened to. As a DJ, he focuses on keeping dancers on the floor with lyrical and powerfully swinging tunes. Sweet Sue - Artie Shaw 2. Zaggin with the Zig - Ziggy Elman 3. Stompin at the Savoy - Jimmy Dorsey 5. Cherokee - Charlie Barnet 6. Corner Pocket - Count Basie 7. King Porter Stomp - Glenn Miller 9.

Just Kiddin Around - Artie Shaw Cierra Tunquist first became interested in DJing when she was introduced to the world of dance - specifically blues. As a previous leader and organizer of the scene, Cierra has had many opportunities to build up her library and develop her DJ style.

Her music preferences range from traditional-old style blues to new age fusion. She is particular about the beat so you can rest assured that she will keep your booty moving all night long. She has been a major part of the Perth and Australian swing scene since and was a founder of the Perth Swing Dance Society has played a huge part in the running 'Hullabaloo - The Perth Lindy Exchange' for the last 7 years www. She has a passion for 30s swing tunes and loves to see the floor pumping full of people dancing to original swing tunes from the day.

She strives to inspire all levels of dancers. She says "If the Floor aint full - I'm not doing my job". He is an unabashed groover, and is best known for his bluesy swing sets.

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Makin' Whoopie - Gene Harris 2. Day is Done - Charlie Hunter Quartet feat. Norah Jones 3. Moanin' - Ray Charles 4. The One - Tracy Chapman 6. Charmed Life - Diana Krall 7. James Infirmary Blues - Lou Rawls 8. Trouble in Mind - Aretha Franklin 9. Since that day she has dedicated herself to traveling all over the United States and Europe taking workshops from numerous talented instructors, teaching classes in several locations, competing at various events, and dancing the nights away whenever possible.

In the past 2 years she co-founded LindyDreams. Djing is a passion Mel found one day when a popular local venue, Lindy by the Bay, needed some tunes played.

Since then she has djed at many of the other regular SD venues and entertained her largest crowd during the Lindy Prom. Dancing started in during the fad period. My DJ musical selections are usually big and brassy with lots of vocals. I love playing fun music for the dancers. I make no pretense of being a classic lindyhop DJ. I just play fun music for dancers having fun. I hope you enjoy my set……. Anna Washenko honed her musical chops in Chicago, where she was co-founder and house DJ for 50Fifty, a monthly blues and lindy dance.

Great Balls of Fire. John Lennon Paul McCartney. Donna Summer Bruce Sudano. Pebe Sebert Hugh Moffatt. Michael Omartian Leo Sayer. Johnny Russell Voni Morrison. Danny Dill Mel Tillis. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Get Closer. Kris Kristofferson and Dolly Parton. Boudleaux Bryant. Eyes That See in the Dark. Carter Stanley Ralph Stanley. Don't Cheat in Our Hometown. Doc Pomus Mort Shuman.

The Great Pretender. Donnie Fritts Troy Seals. Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton. Gail Davies with Dolly Parton. Bobby Braddock John Prine. Once Upon a Christmas. Richard B. Smith Felix Bernard. Real Love. Dean Pitchford Tom Snow. A Smoky Mountain Christmas. Jimmie Rodgers. Linda Thompson Betsy Cook. David Batteau Darrell Brown. Dolly Parton featuring Smokey Robinson.

Bob Carlisle Randy Thomas. Don Francisco. Holly Dunn with Dolly Parton. The Blue Rose of Texas. Stella Parton featuring Dolly Parton. Randy Travis featuring Dolly Parton. Love Is Strange. Home for Christmas. John Frederick Coots Haven Gillespie. Harry Simeone K. Davis Henry Onorati. John Henry Hopkins Jr. Phillips Brooks Lewis Redner. Eagle When She Flies. Dolly Parton featuring Ricky Van Shelton. Dolly Parton featuring Lorrie Morgan.

Patty Loveless with Dolly Parton. Straight Talk. Slow Dancing with the Moon. Beethoven's 2nd.

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Up on the Roof: Songs from the Brill Building. The Beverly Hillbillies. Asleep at the Wheel featuring Dolly Parton. Don Robertson Hal Blair. Bob Ferguson. Cliff Friend Irving Mills. Julio Iglesias featuring Dolly Parton. Albert Hammond John Bettis. Heartsongs: Live from Home.

The Bradley Barn Sessions. Something Special. Rhonda Vincent with Dolly Parton. Merle Haggard Bonnie Owens. Ladysmith Black Mambazo featuring Dolly Parton. Carter Maybelle Carter Sara Carter. Margo O'Donnell with Dolly Parton. Precious Memories. Fillmore Bennett Joseph P. Charlie Louvin Ira Louvin. Vestal Goodman featuring Dolly Parton.

List of songs recorded by Dolly Parton

Blue Valley Songbird. Bryan Sutton featuring Dolly Parton. Johnny Russell featuring Dolly Parton. Johnny Russell , Voni Morrison. Kathie Lee Gifford , David Friedman. Various artists [k]. Charity single to benefit the Summer Paralympics Oct. Little Sparrow Jan. Sweet November Feb. Songcatcher May The Blue Idol Feb.

Jimmy Page , Robert Plant. Pinmonkey Oct. Back to the Well Sep. Ira Louvin , Charlie Louvin. For God and Country Nov. Samuel Francis Smith , arr. Live and Well Sep. Felice Bryant , Boudleaux Bryant. Those Were the Days Oct.

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Jerry Livingston , Paul Francis Webster. Dolly Parton featuring Yusuf Islam. Dolly Parton featuring Kris Kristofferson. Book of Ecclesiastes , Pete Seeger. Backwoods Barbie Feb.